James Abshire

James Abshire is a Beaumont native, graduated from Lamar University in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He has been involved in the building and development business for more than 20 years. The fact that James loves the hands-on portion of home building is portrayed in his interest in the development of River Birch Place. On any given day you can find James performing tasks from meeting with clients to adjusting interior doors. He always finds the time to visit with new and existing clients and works diligently to build a home of enduring value, quality and style.

James loves music, is a member of Calvery Baptist Church, and plays the trumpet in the orchestra. James is married, he and his wife Kerri have 5 children.

Project Manager

Joan Abshire

Joan Abshire was a tour de force in the real estate industry. A broker, home builder, developer, decorator, finance consultant and expert on all the communities in Southeast Texas. A dynamic and energetic problem solver, Joan has helped hundreds of families for over 30 years achieve the goal of home ownership. Client satisfaction is Joan’s top priority and the truest of her success is repeat business and client referrals.

A dynamic and energetic problem-solver, she takes enormous pride in River Birch Place, “the perfect place to live”. From gracious round-a-bouts to door placement in floor plans. Joan’s attention to detail pays off in a beautiful and safe living environment and imaginative well-designed and constructed home.

Construction Manager

Linn Abshire

Linn Abshire is truly the original “Jack of all Trades.” He’s been building homes since the 1980’s and can do just about anything. During the construction phase, if a difficulty is encountered Linn steps in to find the solution. He always assures the job is done right. You can find him, on any given day, visiting with clients and friends, walking them through a newly completed home or a house under construction. Linn and Joan have been married for over 50 years. They have 6 children and 15 grandchildren.


Jamie Abshire

Jamie Abshire, like most of the family, loves music. You can find him on Sunday morning at Cathedral in the Pines running the sound system. Jamie has a sound engineering degree, and drafting degree from Lamar University. He draws all of Abshire Building Group plans. He is involved in the building part of the business. Jamie has worked in the company for 7 years.